Yorkie puppies are playful little balls of energy that are really cute. However, when choosing a puppy, your goal is to look past the sweetness of the dog, and carefully scrutinize him to make sure that what you are purchasing is a Yorkie that is healthy and will grow into the ideal standard.

You should familiarize yourself with the standard by reading about it first, and then take what you have learned and apply it to the Yorkie puppies and their parents when visiting the breeder of your choice.

To give you an idea of what you should look for, the following is a basic breakdown of the brief traits that make Yorkies a unique breed:

First we’ll start with the coat color of Yorkie puppies as this is the breed’s most distinguishing feature. The hair on the body and tail is dark steel blue and should have no other colors in it. The hair on the face and legs is a rich tan, and should not look fawn. All hair is darker at the roots.

Keep in mind that Yorkie puppies will have darker hair than adults, and may also have some black hairs mixed in with their tan coat. This is normal and will change when the puppy matures.

The coat itself is relatively long and totally straight. The coat is distributed evenly all over the body. There should be no kinks, waves or curls in the coat. The coat is not rough, and will feel fine and silky to the touch.

The next part you will notice is the face of Yorkie puppies. The Yorkshire Terrier has clear, dark glittering eyes that convey an intelligent expression. The rims of their lids are dark. Just as their eyes are dark, so is their nose which is distinctly black.

The nose is the perfect compliment to the end of the muzzle, which is not too long or short. The mouth of the Yorkie contains a lovely set of white teeth that are straight and create a pristine scissor bite.

The ears of Yorkie puppies are small and V-shaped. They stand perfectly erect and are not too far apart. The ears are covered in short hair that is a deep tan color. When noticing the ears, you will also discover that the head of a Yorkie is small and flat, and is not too round or prominent; the head is proportioned to the body.

The body of a Yorkshire Terrier is compact with a level back. Their ribs are well sprung and they have good loins. The body of Yorkie puppies extends nicely into the tail which is usually docked, but it can be left undocked. If it is docked, the tail is medium in length and is covered in plenty of dark blue hair that is darker then rest of body (particularly at the tip of the tail). A docked tail is carried slightly higher than the level of the back. An undocked tail should have the same characteristics except that it is longer and quite straight. The tail should give the body a look of balance.

The last part of Yorkie puppies that you should pay attention to are their legs and feet. The forelegs of Yorkies are straight and are covered with long golden tan hair. The hind legs are straight with a moderate turn of stifle and are also tan. Their feet are round with black nails. When they walk, Yorkshire Terriers are free flowing, but they walk with a purpose. They have plenty of drive in their movements, walk straight and balanced.

Even though you may notice the Yorkie puppies you examine do not have all of the above characteristics, this may not be a sign that there is something wrong with the pedigree or liter. If you have your doubts, speak to the breeder, and be sure to look at the sire and dam. The parents of the liter will give you a good indication of what their pups will look like when they become older.

Think of Yorkie puppies as children: You can see the potential at an early age, but it will take time for it to fully develop.