Yorkies are an excellent dog breed, but if you are thinking of getting one, have you taken into consideration the cost of owning a dog?

There are many financial aspects that need to be taken care of when owning a Yorkshire Terrier, or any dog for that matter. While some of the costs you may be able to control, the truth is that owning a dog is quite the expense, and not meeting these expenses can have a negative effect on the well being of your dog.

The following is a breakdown of all the Yorkies expenses you will be required to take
care of:

Buying a Yorkie – If you will be purchasing your Yorkie from an animal shelter or rescue, the price can range anywhere from $50 – $100. If you were to buy Yorkies from a legitimate breeder, it will likely cost you close to $1,000 or more. While buying from a good breeder is expensive, usually the cost includes the pup’s shots, some training, possible neutering, etc.

Dog License – The price of this expense depends on where you live. It may be a one-time fee, or it may be a yearly expense. Dog licenses that renew every year can cost from $5 – $30. Make sure you find out the laws in your area. In addition, if you move, make sure you find out the new law that pertains to that city.

Food – Due to the fact that Yorkies are a small breed, they will require a much smaller amount of food then a large dog. Therefore, food for a Yorkie may cost you $100 – $300 on a yearly basis.

Veterinarian Care – Just as humans require a doctor, so do dogs. Unfortunately, like all health care, Vet care does not come at a cheap price. Assuming your dog is healthy, his annual checkup may cost anywhere from $100 – $200 a year. Puppy vaccinations, spaying or neutering, or any other health treatment are all additional costs that will vary in price depending on your vet and sex of your dog. Note: Females are more expensive than males.

Grooming – Yorkies require daily grooming. They also require their nails and coats be trimmed once every few months. This too is an expense you will need to budget for. Call different dog groomers to find out and compare prices. If you find grooming your dog is a luxury you can’t afford, learn how to do the job yourself. This way you will only have to worry about purchasing the necessary grooming supplies once.

Miscellanieous items – The following is a list of items Yorkies will also need:

o Leash
o Collar
o ID Tags
o Dog Shampoo
o Comb and Brush
o Clothing (to protect dog in cold and wet weather)
o Boots (to protect paws in cold weather)
o Toys
o Treats
o Bed
o Crate (optional)
o Etc.

As you can see, there are plenty of expenses you need to meet when owning Yorkies. Thus, becoming a dog owner is not a decision you make overnight. You need to carefully consider if you can provide for the dog and give him a loving home.