Constant Yorkshire Terrier care is how you maintain the well being and happiness of your dog. One of the most important parts of Yorkie care is the daily grooming of his coat.

To help you keep your Yorkie’s coat in tip-top shape, follow these Yorkshire Terrier care tips:

  • You will need a brush for the dog coat, as well as a comb to get out any mats.
  • Never brush or comb your Yorkie when his hair is dry. Lightly spray his coat with a dog conditioner, water, or a mixture of the two. Brushing his coat when it is dry will damage his hair.
  • The best brush for Yorkshire Terrier care is a pin brush that has a rubber back. This brush is soft but the pins of the brush will penetrate the coat and the undercoat. Don’t use any other brush, especially those with small balls on the end of the bristles, these bristles will break off in your dogs coat.
  • The best comb for Yorkshire Terrier care is a sturdy metal comb that has long teeth. This should be used to help work out any of the tangles or mats in the dog’s coat. Use your fingers and the comb to pull apart the mat without ripping your dog’s hair. BE GENTLE! Apply doggy de-tangler or conditioner to these specific areas to help. Note: Should the mat prove to be impossible to take out, you will need to cut it out, or cut out part of the knot to make taking the remainder out easier on you and your dog.
  • Remember, after brushing you should always finish off your dog’s coat grooming with a good combing.
  • Another comb that works well is a fine toothed comb primarily used to comb out fleas. Use this comb around your dog’s eyes to remove any of the tear stain that may be there, and to gently comb his ears. Again, make sure you are very careful when working around your Yorkie’s eyes.
  • Don’t forget to give him a treat after every grooming!

In addition, make sure you bathe your Yorkie on a regular basis (once a month or once every two weeks) to keep his coat clean. After each bath give him a good combing, and make sure you fully dry his hair with a hair dryer. You also need to have his coat trimmed every few months.

The coat grooming aspect of Yorkshire Terrier care is a relatively simple task as long as it’s done on a daily basis. Daily grooming will ensure mats and knots are kept out of your dog’s hair.